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Re: What are you trying to do?

BAK wrote:

Lots of thins to do, depending on what result you want.

1/ change the shutter speed to 1/200, change the aperture to f8, and take the picture.

That will get rid of the yellow, but the picture will now have a darker side.


2/ Leave you light where it is. Put a yellow filter over the flash. Change the camera white balance to tungsten. Now, when you take the photo, the unfiltered "regular" light will shine yellowish light on the side that was yellowish int eh first shot.

And the yellow filter on the flash will make the light from the flash yellowish, too.

The white balance setting on the camera will convert the image so the yellowish color from both lights is changed to clean white.


3/ Turn off the regular light and put a white reflector over there, so the light bounces back into the shadowy part, and is the same color as the flash. Set camera white balance to flash.


Thank you for taking the time to respond.  Basically I was hoping that I would be able to have both lights the same color in the picture.

Your suggestions are very helpfull

1/ - understood, change the exposure so that the ambient light is "shut down" and not seen?

2/ - understood, seems like with this method I am basically coloring the flash yellow...

3/ - understood, seems like I may need a reflector.

In hindsight - I think I need to remember that I am the photographer and it's my responsibility to control - and adjust ALL of the lighting to get the results that i want.  I did not stop to think about the whole setup - it seems I should have been able to "see" this...

Thank you again, back to the practice!

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