New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

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Re: New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

Your journey with digital sounds so much like mine!

I've been shooting with Pentax gear with high end lenses for ~3 years now. Love what I can do with that but like you, am getting kind of burned out for the same reasons, so started looking for an alternative to bring me back to the basics of photography which I love.

My first camera with this in mind was the Fuji x10. Really loved the build quality which is very important to me - I can't enjoy a camera or any gear that feels cheap in my hands. The x10 was good - very good in fact, but there was just something missing. I had decided that, like you also, that I was just going to shoot this camera in jpeg and do some minor adjustments to the better pics. Tried all different combination of settings and it came very close to what I wanted, but not quite.

Next I had to try the Fuji x100. After doing hours of research as I always do, I was pretty much sold on the image quality, but had one reservation - using a fixed lens. I am primarily a zoom shooter, and with my Pentax DA* glass I can come very close to the IQ of primes. The first images out of the x100 just floored me. Shot in jpeg most of the time - tried raw a little but did not like the Silkypix conversion software, and at the time I didn't have Lightroon. Ended up selling the x100 only because of the fixed lens. I just didn't give myself time to get my head around it I guess.

Fast forward ~10 months - I just bought another used x100. The images again are just phenomenal in my opinion. I also now have Lightroom now, and shot some raw+ for a while. I am now shooting strictly raw with very little needed PP work in LR. I don't feel I am spending more time with the raw files than I would be with jpegs.

Long story I know, but I am going in a direction. I told myself after the x10 that I would not own a camera with less than an APS-C sensor. I guess I am just too demanding of my own work. And, I don't want to bash the x10/x20 at all - with some work on the settings I could get close to those from the x100, but the x100 images just blow me away.

If you think you could live with a fixed lens, I would suggest you try an x100. Very good deals can be had right now since the introduction of the x100s - got mine in like new condition with original receipt for $600.

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