**Weekly X Series Photo Thread 7th April, 2013**

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Re: **Weekly X Series Photo Thread 7th April, 2013**

vkphoto wrote:

Thanks, Tom.

OT, but what Sigmas do you have? I think Foveon is an mazing sensor and it would be interesting to compare to x-trans

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I have three Sigmas: DP2 (non-M), SD15, SD1 (non-M).

DP2 does a great job even though it is 4.7 mpixels.  It beats my X10 in optimum shooting conditions (excellent light).

SD15 and SD1 are good, but there is no provision for sensor cleaning.  This is a very big issue with the SD1 since the sensor is 15 mpixels.  Even the smallest particle jumps out in the images.

Overall, resolution of the SD1 beats X-trans but image quality is better only in the best light.  No Sigma seems to deliver good JPGs out of camera, so the rule is to shoot raw.  The processing tool from Sigma for these raws is slow as a natural result of the incredibly number-intensive processing necessary for the Foveon sensor.  Color rendering method is completely different (not RGB) so colors don't match up well to X-trans or any other color filter array sensor.

I prefer the excellent color, dead-on white balance, and nearly perfect exposures the Fuji X10 and X-E1 give me.  The focus is sensor based, as on the Sigma DP2, so focus is reliably clean.  Not so the Sigma SD15 and SD1: their phase detect autofocus frequently misses, and neither of them offers live-view (a serious lack).  With careful attention and lengthy periods of time spent in post-processing the SD1 can deliver mind-boggling images.  But it is more and more burdensome to me to go through that amount of work.

The controls on the Fujis are more straightforward, and the cameras far less bulky.  The icing on the Fuji cake, at least for me, is the wonderful JPGs out of camera.

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Tom Schum

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