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I chose zenfolio

mgn2 wrote:

I am looking for a photo site to meet the following requirements:

1. Back-up unlimited amounts/sizes of photos (+maybe HD videos)

2. Clutter and social networking non-sense free (or at least optional)

3. Easily share photos with friends and family and control privacy settings

4. Longevity of site (i.e. will the site be around in 5/10/20 years)

5. Transferability - i.e. can you easily move from the site to another one if say prices go up, site becomes slow, etc.

6. Site speed including upload and download.

7. Looking to spend $50/year or less.

I know its a long list, but what would you pick?

I had similar requirements and chose zenfolio. Smugmug was my second choice. i liked the ease of downloading that zenfolio has, which includes option to download an entire gallery with one click. Smugmug did not make this easy but this may have changed. I also did not like one detail of the  slide show view in smugmug. Something about the top of the screen was annoying but I don't recall the details. You can create a free account on each and try it out. After a while of using a free account I upgraded to the $60 per year account so I could get unlimited storage for videos. Privacy settings are easy to set up and flexible enough for my simple needs.

Hope this helps.


PS regarding longevity I have no idea.

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