Reasons I should not buy a NEC Multisync PA241W-BK-SV

Started Feb 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
Wayne Larmon Veteran Member • Posts: 9,487
Re: Stable calibration

Charles2 wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

...redoing all your calibration targets.  (Which need to be done no longer than 28 days apart.)

The monitor is remarkably stable. Have you checked the actual adjustment?

No.  I was going by what NEC recommends.  SV is pretty insistent that I recalibrate after 28 days.  (But haven't looked to see if the nagging can be disabled.)

After a thousand hours of usage, and much more than 28 days, I find a recalibration changes the CIE R,G,B coordinates by one or two parts per thousand. No noticeable difference to my eye.

Cool.  I'll have to start keeping track.


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