D7100 'streaking'

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_sem_ wrote:

I think the images here show exactly what I've spotted in the banding debate. CreaDVty noticed that banding is more obvious in some samples than others. And in one sample I've noticed it gets much more obvious in the horizontal level of intense highlights. I think "streaking" is a good term.


I downloaded Mattila's NEFs and gave them a 4 stop push in LR 4.4 to check out any change in banding behavior.  The shadows in the original scene are extremely dark, less than 1% of FS in all three channels in the darkest parts, so banding should be expected. In this screenshot of a 100% blowup of the window around the blind pull, the top is the original scene and the bottom is the pushed image.

You can see a weak banding throughout the shadows on the right, but a tonal shift from reddish in the areas adjacent to the brightest light bands, and a greenish shift adjacent to the darker bands and dark structures seen through the windows. What is interesting here, though, is that the most obvious banding is NOT adjacent to the brightest light bands in the windows, but the darkest. In this regard, then, it appears that if there is any bleeding/blooming going on, it is increasing the fill level of the pixels in those rows enough to mask true dark level banding, not enhance it.

From DSC_0332

Here's a larger region screenshot to show the global pattern:

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