Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Exactly the same lens (100/2.8L macro), exactly the same subject distance - so exactly the same detail presented to the sensor to record.

That means different FOV, and I was referring to the following statement of yours:

If you wish to determine which of two sensors will resolve more detail by comparing using the FOV - then it's (generally) the sensor with the most pixels.

In that case, the sensor size doesn't matter either. And qianp2k had a thread on the lens forum that showed how a 12MP 5D couldn't resolve as much detail as an 18MP 60D when the FOV was the same.

So - here you have a smaller sensor out-resolving a larger one. And that kinda kills your assertion that this "is always incorrect."

"Always" means "for all crop factors". Once you fix the crop factor, one counter-example is enough to prove it is incorrect. One positive example proves nothing.

So here is the thread mentioned above. And there is your "counter-example".

I'm sure if you'd care to compare a D7100 to a 1Ds then the story would be even more obvious.

BTW - the relevance is that this is similar to the difference between a D800 and a 5D3 - as the D800 has a similar pixel level resolution (by way of pixel density).

In this context, yes.

BTW, to go back to the OP, the DXO metric seems to emphasize on "medium" spatial frequencies and put much less weight on large ones. Some people think that it is some form of SQF metric. If so, this explains the DXO claims. If you look for contrast of not so fine details, the 5D3 and the D800 would not look so different. But we kinda knew that.

Yeah - makes sense.

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