D7100 'streaking'

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Re: D7100 'streaking'

mosswings wrote:

BlueBomberTurbo wrote:

Yup, the D5200/D7100 will band if you push shadows too far, though it's not consistent fom one scene to another.  If you use mid/high ISO, the effect can go away, sometimes completely.

BlueBomberTurbo, this is very likely NOT deep shadow pattern noise ("banding").  That has completely different characteristics that what are presented in this image.  The width and spacing of deep shadow pattern noise bands is much narrower and is not related to any subject geometry.  The streaking in this image is clearly subject geometry related.

In the CCD age you could expect row or column overflow from extremely bright light sources, but the effect was gross and obvious. And it's not possible in CMOS based sensors.

I think the images here show exactly what I've spotted in the banding debate. CreaDVty noticed that banding is more obvious in some samples than others. And in one sample I've noticed it gets much more obvious in the horizontal level of intense highlights. I think "streaking" is a good term.


Has anybody checked how well the usual banding removers respond to this (Nik Dfine, Topaz Denoise)?

(Do we remember the nasty CMOS vertical sensor bleeding, hehe?)

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