New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

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Re: New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

DebraR wrote:

Long story short, I haven't been happy with the x20 so far.  I find that when I shot with jpg's, even with adjusted sharpness and noise reduction, I ended up with so much sharpening, the results looked fake.  The color is amazing, I LOVE how silent the camera is, but the subject looks awful.  A lot of artifacts, a plastic kind of result.  For me, unusable for simple snapshots.

It seems you have a good handle on what to expect. For SOOC Fuji tend to give good colours but for overall JPG I think you have the wrong manufacturer or need a larger sensor X-series Fuji camera.

I found a story about a woman who used the x100 with the 18-55 lens and feel the results are brilliant.  Exact look and color and real sharpness (not oversharpened), crisp beautiful results that I am looking for. You can see what I mean here...

Note: The X100 is a fixed lens and focal length camera. Those images from that blogger are with an XE1.

Funnily enough, I was thinking either an olypus compact or the Fuji X-E1 is what you need when I typed the line above. We should note that this blogger processes her images. They are not SOOC. This is not a criticism of the blogger, only that you want SOOC results and the images you use as a reference are not SOOC.

I understand it is a different class of camera but that is the type of results, or close to,  I hope to find in a p&s.  Or at as close as I can get in a fixed lens p&S.

Good luck with your journey. There are larger sensor "compacts" around.

Should I hang on to the x20 and wait for more folks to find the settings that provide more realistic results, or do I send it back and choose another.

Don't wait for optimised settings. If the camera does not suit you then back it goes.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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