New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

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New to Fuji, not sure about the X20

Hi everyone!

Im new to Fuji and have heard alot of opinions, reviews, disappointment and jubilation over the new X20.  I did indeed preorder and have a x20 but I am really not sure about it.

Like others I am really disappointed with the quality of the OOC jpg's.  I chose the X20 because I  wanted a higher level point and shoot that I could grab when I didn't want the weight of my D700.

Insight on me, I have struggled with my photography since going digital however many moons ago. When I shot with film, I lived to walk around with my camera, it was always at my side, I developed a lot of my own in the darkroom.  As a perfectionist, it was easier.  You got what you got, I simply adjusted contrast and was good to go for the most part.

With digital, there are so many factors to getting a great result, a lot in post processing, a lot with the proper in camera settings.  I have found over the years that I have lost a lot of the joy of photography.  I spend so much time pp (mostly due to perfectionism, not the fault of a camera) that I feel burned out.

I looked for a great p&s camera so I could take great quality street photography shots (what I would like to use it most for) with family, for short excursions like at Disneyland, that kind of thing. For the most part, go home and share.  I've become known to friends and family as a great photographer whose pic's they never see.

Long story short, I haven't been happy with the x20 so far.  I find that when I shot with jpg's, even with adjusted sharpness and noise reduction, I ended up with so much sharpening, the results looked fake.  The color is amazing, I LOVE how silent the camera is, but the subject looks awful.  A lot of artifacts, a plastic kind of result.  For me, unusable for simple snapshots.

I switched to raw and didn't get a lot of difference in regards to the "fake-ness" of the results.  I simply imported to Lightroom with default import dialog and am not thrilled.

I hear many people feel a lot of these kind of things can be fixed via a software update but is that a realistic expectation?  And if so, how long do you think it would be for Fuji to release an update?

I found a story about a woman who used the x100 with the 18-55 lens and feel the results are brilliant.  Exact look and color and real sharpness (not oversharpened), crisp beautiful results that I am looking for. You can see what I mean here...

I understand it is a different class of camera but that is the type of results, or close to,  I hope to find in a p&s.  Or at as close as I can get in a fixed lens p&S.

Should I hang on to the x20 and wait for more folks to find the settings that provide more realistic results, or do I send it back and choose another.  I don't want to spend more than $500/$600 and really do love the look of the x20, that is what first attracted me, but not sure if I should stick it out.

Any insight from those who have shot with Fuji for a while, would be so appreciated.

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