What happened to the XZ-10?

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Re: What happened to the XZ-10?

Ben O Connor wrote:

And second reason could be; XZ-1 is at its best accessibility. In Finland, 199 euros for it !! God i payed 399 euros Dec 2011.

Here in New Zealand, Photo Warehouse in particular is trying to flog off Olympus stock as old as 10 years (Stylys Ferrari).

The Stylus 7020 is still on offer. It uses no longer available xD cards plus microSDs in an adaptor. The model was a vital stopgap for me in 2010 at the Canberra Folk Festival for its 35 minute battery life doing VGA video (my 5-hour disk from the festival had a small distribution). But it was decisively superceded by the Stylus 9010, with more zoom, less noise, better colour saturation, and HD720p video for up to an hour on a single battery charge.

Photo Warehouse has on sale black and white XZ-1s at NZ$ 548.-.

My 2-year-old SZ-30MR is also on sale at NZ$ 498.-, NZ$ 100.- less than I paid in September 2011. Since the SZ-31MR iHS and now the SH-50 iHS also are no-shows in New Zealand, I am beginning to feel I should get a second SZ-30MR, for its better colour saturation and more reliable focussing (compared to my SP-570UZ and my Stylus 9010).

Back to the Photo Warehouse - the XZ-2 is listed at NZ$ 825.-, but it has only a 12MP BSI-CMOS sensor (I do make use of the 16MP in my SZ-30MR).

The XZ-10, with its small 12MP BSI CMOS sensor and without a hotshoe understandably does not make an appearance in such an overstocked situation.

Off Topic - I have been asked to advise a friend on a P&S for a 10-week trip to Europe. He is still using a Nikon F SLR with film. The outcome was, his wife will do the photos on her digital P&S, and he leaves his Nikon F at home. Main reason is, he has arthritis in his thumbs, and he finds small P&Ss inoperable. His preference is Nikon, and again, Photo Warehouse is saddled with old stock. I did point out that the P510 remains a useful long-zoom bridge camera, which is the direction he was leaning in.


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