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webfrasse wrote:

robodoc wrote:

Thinking about selling my 27" iMac (2009) i7, and getting new iMac 27". I do photography for fun, not a living! Also use aperture primarily. Questions:

1. 2.9 or 3.2 GHz? Much difference?

I always buy the fastest I can afford. You can never upgrade it later and for a small cost it will possibly take another year before it feels too slow and you need to upgrade again.

That is always an interesting question. One can always get the fastest and upgrade on a longer cycle or save some money to get something slower and use that money to upgrade earlier.

Which path gives you a better average performance requires a way to put a number on performance, eg, is it worse to have a 'slow' computer for one year than having an only 'slowish' computer for two years. One way to do so, would measure performance as how much percent it is slower than the best currently available (for a given form factor). But then we tend to evaluate performance in a non-linear way.

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