Fun Cameras- What's your favorite and why?

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Re: Fun Cameras- What's your favorite and why?

My Kowa Six- opening the waist-level finder, flipping out the magnifying focus aid, and looking down but looking forward.  And a reversed image to boot.

Focusing was a joy with the large ring around the lens barrel (85 mm, f2.8) and you really knew when the shutter button was pressed, as that big ol' mirror swung out of the way.
(Mirror slap ? Plenty).  Self-timer, or mirror lock-up on the later model MM let you get around the slap, but wasn't nearly as cool...

And the very mechanical film advance/ mirror return/ shutter cock by turning the large knob on the side.  A great slow-working camera, with everything manual except the lens diaphragm.  Twelve shots on 120 film (24 on 220 film but what a PITA !)

A Gossen light meter, a sturdy tripod, my Kowa Six, and I was ready to learn (and practice) photography.

Digital is great, I love it.  But nothing compares to seeing your print come up in the developer, the anticipation while waiting to get into the fixer.  Did anything look better than your print under the safelight ? 

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