Output sharpening in Aperture (considering escaping to Lightroom)

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Re: Output sharpening - Ap, LR, Topaz & Nik

Alpha Doug wrote:

Lightroom's sharpening, taken by itself, compared to "edge sharpening" in Aperture, is slightly better.  Hard to say if you can actually achieve a significantly better printed image using a combination of Edge Sharpen, Camera RAW Fine Tuning and Definition in Aperture, compared Sharpening and Clarity in LR.

nik Sharpener Pro is in a different category.

True, but all these sharpening options are done on picture with full (like 24 megapixels) resolution. When I finish the editing I want to a 1440x960 version for my website, then 960x640 for facebook (using facebook uploader) and 1024x682 version for the iPad. Once I downsample the sharpness crispness is lost. I need to open these exports in an edition and do the sharpening again. That's why I like sharpen on export feature of lightroom.

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