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jldgomes wrote:

HELG wrote:

jldgomes wrote:

HELG wrote:

That's my words : See tele pictures samples please. CA showing at F9. Yes some Samsung optics very well but not 18-200 mm.

And where is 60 mm ?

Do you know many telezooms (10x zoom) for APS-C sensors that are good?

I see that Samsung 18-200 not so good. If you interesting so hard 10X zoom for APS-C all internet pages to you attention;-)

Samsung's 18-200 is neither good nor bad, it's like the others from other manufacturer's for other systems.

from the ones I know:

- Nikon 18-200 -> OK

- Sony 18-200 -> OK(ish)

- Samsung 18-200 -> OK(ish)

It's simply not a range with very good glass on the market.

I myself am not interested at all, but since you are, I asked you what 18-200mm do you consider good? "Search the internet" is obviously not a suitable answer.

Yes you are right but I work with Sony 18-250 more than three year and I know wery well as would be showing resulting image. I see that Samsung some lower than my lens. My lens not so good I guess but CA some better.

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