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robodoc wrote:

Thinking about selling my 27" iMac (2009) i7, and getting new iMac 27". I do photography for fun, not a living! Also use aperture primarily. Questions:

1. 2.9 or 3.2 GHz? Much difference?

I always buy the fastest I can afford. You can never upgrade it later and for a small cost it will possibly take another year before it feels too slow and you need to upgrade again.

2. 8 or 16 gb Ram?

Buy minimum and get the upgrade from 3rd party. I bought 32GB from for a 1/3 of what Apple wanted. Took me 2 minutes to install.

3. Fusion drive or regular 1 tb drive (all my images, etc are on external G-raid)?

I got the 3TB Fusion drive. Feels like an SSD for the most part. I like to keep all files on the internal drive and use external drives for backup only. Why do you have you files on an external drive? Think about backup strategies (and you know that a raid is not a backup...right?)

4. For photography, much difference between the NVIDIA GTX 660M (512mb) vs GTX 675MX (1 tb)?

I don't think so. Video makes more use of the GPU.

What is the best combo/bang for the buck here?

I maxed out CPU and Disk (in size). Neither is possible (or easy) to upgrade after the fact. Memory I did by myself.

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