I am returning my 3rd RX100 to Amazon.

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Re: I have found Amazon to be MORE THAN FAIR!

lenshoarder wrote:

Greg Gebhardt wrote:

I do not believe that Amazon bans or closes an account unless there is REAL abuse. They are not in business to tick off customers!

Too many returns is real abuse.  They aren't in the business of losing money.  Google and you'll find hundreds if not thousands of examples.

Many stores have the same policies.  Ebay will ban for the same reason.  Best Buy requires a driver's license to keep track and then deny returns if there have been too many.

I bought a Canon S110 from Best Buy last week. I didn't like the IQ and decided to get the Olympus zx-1 from Amazon.  When I returned the Canon, Best Buy  banned me. It's the first thing I've returned to Best Buy in literally years, since I hardly ever shop there. I was kind of surprised, but since I absolutely hate Best Buy and everyone knows they are eventually going out of business, it's really no loss. Maybe they don't like me because I've never been stupid enough to buy $100 television cables from them.  Geesh!

Now, I din't particularly like the Olympus zx-1 either (way too much noise) , and decided to bite the bullet, return it to Amazon, and get the Sony rx100 from a "warehouse deal". THe only thing I've ever returned to Amazon is a shirt that didn't fit my son. Hopefully, they won't screw me over and ban me for returning the Olympus.

This is the danger of Amazon's domination over the entire retail space.  Soon there won't be any other real alternatives to buying from amazon, and their weight/influence will be a detriment to both buyers and producers of goods.

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