G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

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Re: G5 curiosity has gotten the better of me....

I agree you are a great asset to the forum. Some time ago you gave me step by step instructions on how to use my GF3,.....it went from a mystery to a fun camera. Thanks again for the help.

About the G5, I have two of them and think they are really, really fine cameras. I prefer the G5 to the GH2 that I used to have. With the 45-150mm lens, it makes quite a potent and versatile package,, very light and easy to manage. I keep the 100-300mm on the second body and think it's about the most fun I ever had with a camera. My kit lens went on the GF3 and makes it even more enjoyable than it was with the 14mm.

For me at least, Panasonic is the way to go with m43.


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