What happened to the XZ-10?

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Re: What happened to the XZ-10?

Glad you like the machine. The specs look very good and I think they will probably sell a lot of these without reviews. The IQ would have to be bad to stop sales and the evidence seems to be it is OK. It will be interesting seeing the reviews of the camera when they come out which  will be soon I am sure.

Barr1e wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

You do seem to be rather annoyed that people are not going out and freely spending their money to test the camera for you so you yourself that can avoid risking your own money on it. There does seem to be a bit of a problem there in your attitude

Surely that is the job of the reviewers not other forum members.

Having now discovered about 50% of the camera workings I am impressed. My gear consists of an E-3, E-5 + others so I know a little about picture taking.

With so many new models launched recently by all manufacturers where should the reviewers start?

Anyhow, I made good use of the camera today and the image below was taken in one of the 'ART' modes.  The only pp was resizing.

For those of you who want more this is not the only site where pix are posted - they are out there.

From a j.peg image

Regards.   Barr1e

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