Do you convert NEF to DNG?

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Re: ColorChecker Question (OT)

bruceh wrote:

Thanks Mike.  The Adobe tutorials talk about applying the profile to DNG files (naturally), but it seems like the profile could be applied to a non-DNG raw file.

Yes, ColorChecker Passport profiles can be applied to NEFs. However, they are camera specific. You cannot apply a profile created from a D800E to a NEF from a D800.

The process is as follows. Take a RAW shot of the ColorChecker Passport. Convert it to DNG. Open the DNG in either the X-Rite software, or Adobe DNG Profile Editor. Save the profile.

Then the profile can be used for any NEF from that model camera in ACR or Lightroom 4.

You might also be interested in looking at QPcard 203 book. It's software reads NEFs directly. They don't need to be converted to DNG. I tend to use QPcard profiles a little more often than ColorChecker Passport, but I use both. It depends on which gives me results I like better.

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