Do you convert NEF to DNG?

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Re: Do you convert NEF to DNG?

To answer the question if I convert NEF to DNG....
Yeah, absolutely!  Why?  Well.... why not?

*It's easy and painless in Lightroom
--choose import location, start the process, get up, make a coffee or get a drink, and by the time I get back to my desk, it's done, import and conversion.

*Reduces file size
--Even though memory/storage prices are very cheap these days, if the program offers and it doesn't "harm" my original files, why the heck not? And believe it or not, but if you routinely have to process thousands of files, saving between 15-20% of space per file DOES make a difference.  
--While some people like them, I tend to want a simplified workflow and backup.  The less organizing I have to deal with, the better.  All the info is contained in the DNG, so less work for me having to keep track of / organize any sidecar files.   
*Even though I personally don't believe that NEFs will go the way of the dinosaurs anytime soon, I can say with careful optimism that I believe DNG will always be supported by Adobe Software.  So this really isn't that much of point for me, just an extra possible bonus in addition to the above-mentioned reasons.

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