What happened to the XZ-10?

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Re: maybe this helps a little

Michael_13 wrote:


I'm sorry that you're still undecided. I don't like this feeling either: You really want to buy something new, but are not sure whether it is the right thing.

With "attitude", K. probably only meant your indecision. Could be that quite a few readers here are waiting for reviews of XZ-10.

Imo XZ-10 does not really take off, because it has a big rival in its own stable: XZ-1. In the US you can get it for around $280 and it is only slightly bigger than XZ-10. Then there is the P330 you are also considering...

Maybe this helps a little:

P330@28mmF2.8 XZ10@26mmF2.8

P330@120mmF5.6  XZ10@130mmF4

P330@50mmF4 XZ10@50mmF4

Although these pics are not absolutely consistent, they still reveal the following to me:

- P330 heavily over-sharpens the images, foliage looks weird with strong halos (hope this can be changed in its settings) - you need to sharpen XZ-10 for comparison

With the P330 (like most Nikon cameras) you can adjust each image parameter - Saturation, Contrast, Sharpness - separately.  You can even make a custom profile to taste.

But yes I agree the P330 images are way over-sharpened (Same with the Pentax MX-1), but I have converted the RAW files from the ePhotozine P330 Review and they look excellent.  Natural, sharp, with very little noise in the sky, and nice colors.

But yes, the Standard Picture Profile of the P330 is an extremely consumer friendly setting designed to make OOC JPEGs pop at normal viewing size.  They look horrible at 100% and fortunately this can be changed and adjusted to taste.

Thanks for the samples.  The XZ-10 look nice and natural with great colors.  CAs are a bit high, even at f2.8, but the lens seems to be a good performer at middle apertures.  Wide open in the corners it's not terrific, but 1 EV from open it seems fine.

Thanks again and good luck, Markus

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