What happened to the XZ-10?

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You can't be serious...

Greynerd wrote:

You do seem to be rather annoyed that people are not going out and freely spending their money to test the camera for you so you yourself that can avoid risking your own money on it. There does seem to be a bit of a problem there in your attitude

Surely you are joking?  I'm not asking anyone to buy an XZ-10.  Just wondered why people who already own the XZ-10 don't seem to post any samples or have galleries on Flickr or SmugMug.  Is that normal in this forum, because I can assure you most other forums on DPR are extremely active, especially when it comes to new cameras.

There is very little activity anywhere on the internet regarding the new Olympus, and I was just wondering why.  Sorry to put you or anybody else out.

Surely that is the job of the reviewers not other forum members.

Who said it was the job of other forum members?  I didn't ask anyone for anything, I was just wondering why forum activity was so low.

Another forum actually did write a review of the XZ-10, but unfortunately didn't try to support his claims with any images.

"Great little compact but image quality / performance do not deserve the “enthusiast camera” label... http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51239142

Photography is a visual art, is it not?

Anyway, all I was asking is why there is so little activity surrounding the XZ-10.  Didn't mean to offend anyone, but boy am I sorry I asked.  It won't happen again.

Thanks for everyone,

All the best and best of luck,


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