Canon 7D focus issue-new observation

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IS it IS ?

ldgehman wrote:

jckk wrote:

Since the jitters are seen in liveview, put it in video mode and upload a clip of the phenomenon to youtube so that we can see exactly what you are experiencing.  Put in .......

My guess is that they'll run diagnostics, but if they come back within spec and you can't provide instructions to replicate the issue, there won't be too much else for them to do.


You mention in your post that it could be due to atmospheric conditions, and though it's hard to believe, I am beginning to see a pattern that supports that idea. I am consistently focusing on the same targets from inside the house through an open window. The last couple days in the morning and evening the jitter disappeared. Starting about late morning through the brightest part of the day I see the jitter. The objects I'm focusing on vary from 50 to maybe 150 feet away. I thought it was intermittent but now I'm thinking it may have been dependent on the conditions in which I was shooting. Some days when I was testing it was overcast with no sun and therefore I may not have seen the jitter. One of the objects I was focusing on today has out of focus blue sky in the background. If I looked really close I could see like a shimmery effect through the view finder that appeared like the magnified jitter that I see in LV. Could it really be atmospheric with these relatively short distances? I feel like I'm chasing my tail!

You did mention the type of the lens ! So - this might be stupid

Does it have image stabilization ON when you have it on a tripod ? The IS could be malfunctioning..

I was just today using my Canon binoculars that have an IS system - and in the cold batteries lost their power causing a strange softness - it just started to stabilize the image  , but did not have enough power to stabilize the image more than 0,5 sec .

IF your lens has IS ,  turn it OFF and try again....

Anyway, it can NOT be the camera directly - perhaps indirectly if you battery is low OR the lens has bad contact OR it is the common thing that IS systems can malfunction when things are too stable..

Not a "focusing issue" IMO

Did this help ?

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