Does the newly announced D800 firmware work for you?

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Re: I still want...

AZBlue wrote:

Hey that's a great idea!

Split each AF point so that the little rectangle has a left-half and right-half. Light the entire AF point green when AF is acquired, or blink the right half or left half of the AF point red to indicate front or back focus.

Nikon already has something like that in some of their cameras. Down in the lower left part of the viewfinder Nikon's DSLRs have a green dot that lights up as a "now I'm focused properly" indicator. The FX DSLRs that I've used also have two little green triangles, one to the left and one to the right of the green dot. One of them lights up when the camera is not properly focused. If the one to the right is display (this triangle points to the left, towards where the green dot would have appeared), this indicates that what the AF sensor is covering is in front of the focus plane and if the other triangle on the other side of the missing green dot appears, it indicates that the AF sensor is looking at an object that is located behind the focus plane. This is what it looks like in the D700's viewfinder, where this green rangefinder indicator is identified as object #5.

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