What happened to the XZ-10?

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Re: What happened to the XZ-10?

Kerusker wrote:

This time I decided to buy the XZ-10 as soon as it was available at a dealer with good return policy near me. I tested the Pentax MX-1 shortly at a dealer but it is missing a feature which is important to me - I would have liked to buy it because I digitally switched from Olympus to Panasonic to currently Pentax (K10D, K-5).

What didn't you like about the MX-1?  What feature was missing?

The MX-1 is extremely high on my list, but in compacts I'm not a big fan of cameras with lens caps.  My XZ-1 had a lens cap, and it also didn't except UV filters, like the X10 or P7700, so I was always worried about the front element of the lens.

I've been seriously considering the MX-1, XZ-2, P7700, P330 and XZ-10, but only the last two have auto lens covers so it makes shooting faster and there is not worry about the front element of the lens.  Only the Nikon P7700 accepts lens filters (UV, Polarizer, etc) but of course it's a much larger camera than the P330 or XZ-10.  Same with the MX-1.  IQ-wise both the P7700, XZ-2, and MX-1 are about as good as it gets in a compact, but they are all quite large.

So I'm struggling to decide between the P330 and XZ-10.  I prefer the body and lens ring controls of the XZ-10 and it really is one of the most beautiful compacts to come along in a while.  But I've been able to find some very nice P330 sample images online, and not so many for the XZ-10.  The P330 has a larger sensor and the XZ-10 has a faster f1.8-2.7 lens vs f1.8-5.6 for the P330.  So it's a tough choice.

So I'd really would like to see more, but I just can't find any images or reviews online.

Anyway, thanks a lot and enjoy your camera.  It's a beauty for sure.

Cheers and happy shooting, Markus

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