What happened to the XZ-10?

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maybe this helps a little


I'm sorry that you're still undecided. I don't like this feeling either: You really want to buy something new, but are not sure whether it is the right thing.

With "attitude", K. probably only meant your indecision. Could be that quite a few readers here are waiting for reviews of XZ-10.

Imo XZ-10 does not really take off, because it has a big rival in its own stable: XZ-1. In the US you can get it for around $280 and it is only slightly bigger than XZ-10. Then there is the P330 you are also considering...

Maybe this helps a little:

P330@28mmF2.8 XZ10@26mmF2.8

P330@120mmF5.6  XZ10@130mmF4

P330@50mmF4 XZ10@50mmF4

Although these pics are not absolutely consistent, they still reveal the following to me:

- P330 heavily over-sharpens the images, foliage looks weird with strong halos (hope this can be changed in its settings) - you need to sharpen XZ-10 for comparison

- lens of P330 is better at the edges (but with less zoom and aperture)

- noise of P330 is lower at same F, but XZ-10 can often compensate this with lower F

- I prefer color of XZ-10

All in all, I think XZ-10 is keeping up quite well and it really depends on your needs to decide which camera is best.


PS: What was wrong with your X20? I think it is an excellent camera, only too large for my taste.

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