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gThumb shows thumbnails and Exif

Gregory Chang wrote:

anyone know if gthumb can view raw files?, I have Kodak Z990.

I don't normally use it.  But, I just installed it to see how it handles it, and it looks like it's only allowing thumbnails from the .kdc files produced by Kodak Z9xx series models (and unable to display a larger image).  I tested it with .kdc files from a Kodak Z980.

However, you can right click on one and open it in other image viewers and editors by selecting one from a list of those installed in your graphics section.

From what I can see of it's features list, it doesn't actually support decoding of raw files from cameras.    So, it's just showing the embedded jpeg thumbnails from cameras like yours instead of trying to decode the raw data to give you a full size image; and it does not appear that Kodak embeds a larger jpeg image inside (they're embedding smaller thumbnail size jpeg images only)

For fast browsing, I guess that could work.  Then, just right click on a thumbnail to open it in another product that supports decoding of raw files from your .kdc files

But, you may find it better just to use a product that supports decoding of the raw format instead.

I'd just install gThumb and try it and see what you think about using that kind of process (using it for thumbnails only, along with a different product for editing).   It's  probably already in the software repository for most popular linux distros so you can install it with a mouse click or two.

Then, install the other products I linked to my previous post, too (darktable, RawTherapee, digiKam and kipi-plugins), since they can show you thumbnails *and* also decode the raw files for viewing/editing purposes (versus being limited to thumbnails and exif info only using something like gThumb)

Those are all free and shouldn't take you but a few minutes to install.  Then, just test drive them with your Kodak's files to see which one you want to use (since you can have multiple products like that installed at the same time).

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