Killed my d800e

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Re: Killed my d800e

mtmike wrote:

Your post gives me the shivers--my sincere condolences.  I recently purchased a BosStrap for my D800e before our Disney trip.  The selling point for me for this shoulder strap over e.g., Black Rapid and others is that it attaches to the metal post on the camera where the neck strap used to attach rather than the tripod socket.  The pitch I was given is that the metal post is "engineered" to hold the dangling weight of the camera whereas the tripod socket isn't.

BTW--I once killed my Minolta film camera when I used the timer to take a picture of myself.  I balanced the camera on a fence post, ran back through the gate into focal position and gasped as the gate swung shut behind me--and you know the rest!

mtmike i was ooh so fortunate...  the zeiss products, built like a sherman tank...

i think if i had been sing a 'cheepie' grip - could have been a different story...

i inspected everything - pinched the zeiss' hood back...

and then - attached again, with success to the acratech... and took this series for my first planned HDR with NIK app.. (you see the sidewalk...? yes that is where camera fell)

btw acratech has new clamp plate with safety lock...

when i get my gp-s back i will re-evealuate the usefulness of the 'rig' - if i deem it to be less than safe.. do-or-die - i will sell whatever i have to and get an arca c1 cube

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