Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

schmegg wrote:

And quite honestly, we were talking about FF and crop comparisons. Looking at those images, I'd say the phone has actually done remarkably well TBH!

At what crop factor your statement becomes incorrect and why?

Wouldn't have a clue. Can you tell me?

Yes. It is always incorrect.

No - it's not.

But when the difference is small, you can cheat: sharpen more, choose parts of the scene which are slightly OOF, etc., to "prove" your point.

It just adds weight to why you should compare by projecting the same detail to the sensor - as that comparison shows exactly what happens when you don't.

The whole point is that you can't. The Nokia is a Zeiss designed lens. You think that a better lens on the Nokia would match the Pentax and put all the MF manufacturers out of business?

You are basically saying that if an Yugo can run as fast as a Porsche, it ... can run as fast as a Porsche.

This is getting off-topic.

It's actually surprisingly close to the topic.

You've probably seen this as I've posted it a number of time before. But, in case it's slipped your mind, here is a 5D3 vs 7D comparison that clearly shows the smaller, more pixel dense 7D to have more resolution ...

5D3 on the left, 7D on the right.

Exactly the same lens (100/2.8L macro), exactly the same subject distance - so exactly the same detail presented to the sensor to record.

Default LR sharpening - no other adjustments.

So - here you have a smaller sensor out-resolving a larger one. And that kinda kills your assertion that this "is always incorrect."

BTW - the relevance is that this is similar to the difference between a D800 and a 5D3 - as the D800 has a similar pixel level resolution (by way of pixel density).

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