Killed my d800e

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Killed my d800e

Ouch.  I once killed a Canon S100 when I tipped the tripod it was on over....right onto the hard tile floor.

I've actually had camera straps cause issues.  Once I grabbed a camera out of the bag and the strap caught on part of the bag and the camera popped out of my hand and hit the ground.  Another time the strap caught caught a door knob when it wasn't over my shoulder and popped out of my hand again and onto the hardwood floor.  Both of those times there was no damage...visible or otherwise, thankfully.

I now use straps that can be quickly unclipped from the camera when I'm not using them and have switched to straps that have slides built into them so I can use the camera with the strap on my shoulder without it sticking and grabbing at my clothing.

One of my favorites is the Gordy's.  Simple, light, yet really strong leather.  Not the best for lugging a heavy camera for long periods though.

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