7D - Grain and Noise - What are the primary factors?

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Re: Usung ETTR - Her Breasts are over exposed - When do you pull back?

tvstaff wrote:

Jerry-astro, to be exact I used H-ETTR vs ETTR for the image.  When I pulled back in highlights the image got dull.

There are TWO schools of thought here and I'm confused. Some say expose to the max and other state pull back and get you image out of shadows.

As you can see, my original post had to do with noise/grain.  No matter what anyone says I know when something is blown out you can't recover anything. White is nothing but death to digital photos.   I still think there are issues w/fstop, ISO, speed and color spectrum that dictate the way a digital chip assimilates and puts out detail.

I can't dodge/burn that over exposure above her breasts without destroying this image.  I wonder if a tripod and HDR could be the answer????   I still think there is too much noise at this point and perhaps phototshop is needed beyong my skills to perfect even a well exposed shot.

Probably the best way to demonstrate my point would be to take the original RAW image and futz around with it a bit rather than trying to explain it here.  As I said, the image you're using as an example here seems pretty close to the mark to start with.  If I started with a RAW image that looked like this in LR, I'd probably drop the highlights quite a bit (possibly bringing out a bit of detail in there or at the very least balancing the light a bit).  I'd also use the clarity slider to add a little punch and eliminate that dullness you were referring to.  After that, I'd pixel peep the image at 200% and do NR.  If you're concerned about losing detail on the subject (statue), then I'd use the adjustment brush the mask only the background and use more aggressive NR and very little sharpening (if any) there. You can use less NR and sharpening on the statue itself, which will preserve detail.

This sounds complex, but it really isn't and if you know how to use these tools, this process goes very quickly.  I honestly think your original image is darn close as it is and the highlights don't detract all that much from it.  However, I believe they are controllable in post and that can be easily accomplished without impacting the rest of your image.

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