Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

schmegg wrote:

TBH - for me - it's important 'sometimes'. Only because I shoot a bit of wildlife and can't fund (or justify) those mega tele primes, and find myself reach limited.

That is a very good reason to worry about

Yeah - I'm not sure exactly what they are up to.

I think it's largely an exercise in 'statistics'. They've tallied up all the data they have from various lenses on each body, graphed it up (as they do ), and then drawn some conclusions from it.

Well, never believe a statistic that you yourself ....

It's roughly the same difference as the D5200 has over the D7000. Or, in fact, the 7D over the 5D3 in a reach limited scenario.

My colleague, who is an avid wildlifer, uses both 5D and 7D to avoid being reach limited. He has on occasion also used a 17-40 to photograph wild boars... (well, semi-wild, but still)

Thing with DxO is that they measure sharpness, not resolution (which is fair enough, they are testing lenses after all) - and so artifacts will be counted as a positive in their results as long as they are sharp artifacts.

I look at all possible sources when I look for new stuff, DxO is actually one of those that I don't use that much...

When I shave in the morning, I see one, too.

Not that I shave every morning!

LOL! Me either. Hehe.

Software engineer, to be precise, so not quite in the rarefied reaches of the classical engineer. But we still try to methodical...

Regards, Mike

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Wait and see...

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