Just ordered the 24-120mm f/4....after long consideration....

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Re: Just ordered the 24-120mm f/4....after long consideration....

Shotcents wrote:

Frankly, both the 24-85 and 24-120 have pretty lousy bokeh.

I tested both quite a bit and settled on the 24-85 as the 24-120 gave more reach but nothing improved in IQ over the same range. Both are consumer glass, quite good, but still the same kind of compromise.

For slow glass the F4 lens price is just not worth it to me when the 24-85 does at least as well and is MUCH easier to carry.

Or look at it another way: If I'm carrying my small bag I can take the 24-85vr and Tamron 70-300 VC and get better quality and more versatility with the D800 or D5100.


This matches my experience. If someone is happy with or wants the 24-120 for whatever reason, that's great. I'm not trying to convince anyone otherwise. For me and with the testing of only two lenses on a D600, I felt the 24-120 wasn't worth the money over the 24-85 VR and it didn't feel balanced on the D600. But fortunately there are a lot of great lenses for FX now so it's hard to go wrong. Just get what works best for you.

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