Just how crappy is the 16-50 kit lens? Test vs 17mm prime & 11-16 Tokina

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Re: Thanks for the photos Ari

Ralph46 wrote:

I have posted about 7 different images with the 16-50 (3 are above in this thread) in reply to his posts, but to no avail. Plenty of great images from the 16-50 have been posted. Where are the crappy ones? Can't remember seeing one.

If you subtract his trashing posts from the opinions about this lens, the pro votes for this lens outnumber the cons by about 5 to 1 (my honest estimation).

Sorry to harp on this, but I have used Canon DSLRs often semi-professionally for over 30 years and still do regular exhibitions. Therefore I presume I know what I am talking about when I say the 16-50mm PZ is a great lens for the size and cost. It is the only kit lens so far that I intend keeping and using for a few years.

Here's the catch : praise for this particular lens usually comes with no argument, or very flawed ones . The OP is a perfect example of that . Like his, the majority of sample images is either entirely irrelevant to the discussion, or taken without proper procedure and ignorance of basic photographic knowledge . And many of them are also very, very bad .

The negative criticism in this particular matter usually is more elaborate , and in most cases refers to facts, rather than subjective opinion and wishful thinking . You call it hateful, I call it an educated opinion in a sea of meaningless chatter .

Lens performance is not a matter of public opinion, it's judged by cold, hard facts . Then there also is 'real world performance' - a common mistake is to believe that there can be one without the other. Both judgements are based on the most demanding scenarios possible, and only that . The particular needs of anyone are only relevant, if they push the boundaries .

So you are a semi-pro, do exhibitions of whatever kind, used DSLRs and done it for 30 years . I've been doing it for only 20 years, don't do exhibitions, and hate DSLRs; I use a Sinar instead . And a Canon DSLR occassionally, and Nex cameras . Even an iPhone, when I'm wasted . But never semi-anything . Unless I'm wasted ...

It might surprise you hear that I actually would love to learn that this lens is a good performer . I'm one of the few who are amazed by the original 1855 kit lens, if used with a little common sense .

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