What happened to the XZ-10?

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Re: What happened to the XZ-10?

Kerusker wrote:

Since the XZ-10 talk and image postings have pretty much fallen off the map on this forum and elsewhere, I don't know what to think.  It's been available for weeks, is there some reason why the XZ-10 is not taking off?

Because of an attitude similar to your's?

This is my second post about the XZ-10 and I don't even own one.  I've been an early adopter in the past quite a bit, but when a camera has a smaller sensor than it's competitors, the burden of proof regarding IQ is higher.  And so far, nobody has shown many samples so it's very difficult to get a good sense of what the XZ-10 is capable of (Even Olympus's own XZ-10 website only has two heavily sharpened sample images, the fruit and the sewing machine, so there is not a lot of info to go on).

When the Pentax Q was released everybody wondered how IQ would be with a sensor smaller than it's competitors.  But Flickr users posted a good number of Q images, and we were able to see that IQ was quite good, competitive with larger sensor compacts.  This is not happening with the XZ-10 as of yet.

There are several XZ-10 owners in this forum and they hardly ever post images here or on Flickr.  So I'm not understanding how my attitude is to blame for anything.   I've been an early adopter for some recent cameras and things didn't go well so you'll forgive me if I'm a bit more cautious regarding the XZ-10.  (I bought two new releases, the Fuji X20 and the NEX-3N and it didn't go well with either camera and they are no longer with me).

I'm wondering why nobody is posting any images?  A couple of users in this forum posted some images and the user ChrisWal was kind enough to post a gallery filled with full-sized XZ-10, but nobody at all commented on the thread but me and thread pretty much died.


The review site online have seemingly forgotten about the XZ-10 and the only articles that a Google search returns are "XZ-10 Previews".

So I have to disagree about "my attitude". I really haven't been able to form an opinion about the XZ-10 because there is so little activity about the camera.

Cheers, Markus

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