Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

Nukunukoo wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Thank you for correcting me when I said the sensor on the E-PL5 was twice the size of the X20, your right; it is FOUR times the size, my mistake. What I meant to say was that the Image Quality of the E-PL5 was twice as good as the X20, for the same price. The camera may not look quite as nice, but the images it takes are one hell of a lot better in both RAW and especially JPEG. I guess I would rather my pictures look better than my camera, IMHO that is what should ultimately really matter!

As a matter of fact, I am planning on selling my trusty old Canon G12 and getting the E-PL5 as soon as I do, since it is the best bang for the buck camera with the best IQ at that price, at this time.

What about Pentax K-01, isn't that the best bang for the bucks in IQ... but it is bigger, of course.

??? It's much bigger. Tested one in Germany. Extremely mediocre focusing in the afternoon test street shots (which I did myself). You need wasted seconds to compose a good one. To its merit, the JPEG shots are great, not just good, it's great. But as a street and improv cam, it's not. It's sluggishness is not even advisable if you use it as a tourist. If you have this camera, just prepare a few seconds while the rest of the group continues walking while you take those shots.

Also, it does not feel balanced at all with the kit lens. With my average-sized pair of hands, the boxy feel while cradling the lens is uncomfortable at best. Of course YMMV. IQ is comparatively good (APS-C, duuuh).

Hope that helps.

Oh wait, we're just talking price here...


Again talking to yourself? The topic was bang for the bucks, not AF speed for street shooting, or how big your hands are, or how much bigger bigger is, and if you are as well informed as you discreetly don't fail to mention, you would have known the AF speed was greatly improved after the firmware update. And which APS-C camera has better IQ then "comparatively good" IQ of K-01? Duuuh, I forgot you are a "pro", so it must be one of Canons or Nikons.

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