Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

Mike CH wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Given the same quality of optics ...

Reminds me of an old joke about how to tell mathematicians and engineers apart...

If you wish to determine which of two sensors will resolve more detail by comparing using the FOV - then it's (generally) the sensor with the most pixels.

If you wish to determine which of two sensors will resolve more detail from the same image detail projected onto it - then it's (generally) the sensor with the highest pixel density.

However ...

If you wish to consider 'false' detail (such as artifacts that have high acutance) as detail, then pixel size will come into play.

That is all very true. And I do have at least an inkling of an idea about that stuff

Just like you said - which leaves me wondering why you asked!  

Which leaves me wondering, what did you think that I asked?

My intention was to question the apparent insistence that comparisons at same FOV are for weenies.


It's not really an "insistence", but more a practical concern.

You see, when people start arguing about "which sensor can resolve more detail", they invariably resort to 100% pixel view to 'show' the difference.

So, if one intends to compare at pixel level, then one should ensure that the pixels have been presented with the same detail to record to begin with - otherwise the comparison is completely inane.

Of course - the key to all this is subject distance and lens design (and that's where FF has the main advantage when you start talking about FOV comparisons).

But these FOV comparisons do not allow one to determine which sensor can resolve more detail at all - simply which sensor can be used more effectively in that particular situation - and the converse may be said in different situations in this respect!

BTW - I'm actually an engineer.

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