Negative Voting DESTROYS "Challenges"

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Re: May be better that those who enter cannot vote.

santamonica812 wrote:

Skylane wrote:

Yet, there are hosts who advocate entrants voting in a challenge and at lest one who tries to force such activity!

It might surprise you to know that, ideally, I agree with you and HD.  In a perfect world, it would be best if people did not vote in challenges where they had entered.  But you are ignoring (or discounting) the value in eliminating cheating (via sandbagging other people's entries, creating multiple IDs, etc), or in at least minimizing the impact of cheaters' votes.

I am not ignoring or condoning anything. I was replying to HD to point out that some hosts do not agree with him. I was simply stating fact. Since I can not speak for you I did not try to with further explanation.

When I looked at my most recent challenges, I have seen that there are only around 5 votes per image that come from non-entrants!!!  Obviously, that would be terrible for all the entrants, if almost no one outside the challenge bothered to vote and if entrants were prevented from voting.  If you have suggestions for how to get 20-30 votes per image from non-entrants, please pass them on to me, and I'll give them serious consideration.

I am not qualified, so I do not vote in your challenges.

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