Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

Mike CH wrote:

schmegg wrote:

Mike CH wrote:

Yes, FF are not optimal for birding, APS-C might be better for that. That is not really news

Have you stopped to think why that might be?

Do I get a brownie point if I mumble something about photosite density and the subsequent better ability to crop on top of the already better FOV? Better edge separation due to closer photosites with less non-photosize space between them, and stuff like that?

(hint: it has nothing to do with sensor size - unlike what you've just said)

I don't think I said that it has anything to do with the size as such. I mentioned two different sensor formats, which amongst other thingsare differentiated by size.

It's very simple TBH.

Given the same quality of optics ...

If you wish to determine which of two sensors will resolve more detail by comparing using the FOV - then it's (generally) the sensor with the most pixels.

If you wish to determine which of two sensors will resolve more detail from the same image detail projected onto it - then it's (generally) the sensor with the highest pixel density.

However ...

If you wish to consider 'false' detail (such as artifacts that have high acutance) as detail, then pixel size will come into play.

Just like you said - which leaves me wondering why you asked!  

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