Killed my d800e

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Re: Killed my d800e

WIMorrison wrote:

Just dropped by d800e with a sigma 50-500 OS on the front of it onto a tiled floor

The lens has broken at the lens mount into two parts and the camera won't switch on at all. It looks like the viewfinder are took the brunt of the blow as the viewfinder cover has separated at one corner from the body.

hopefully not terminal for lens or camera, but surely expensive

what is amazing is how little damage there is to the body given ht it fell from 4 feet onto clay tiles.

sorry to hear this

i had a similar experience...

d800e grip zeiss 15

i was setting camere with l-plate into acratech gp-s 'screw plate'

tightened the plate knob - let go - boom - faster than i could react - camera fell from chest height... to concrete sidewalk... = dropped like a 8,000.00 rock...

instantly $8000 crashed to concrete - bounced off corner of grip flipped up and over - onto lens hood - then started to spin like an out of control pirouette...  i grabbed reached down, as fast as i could - while stiull spinning... and picked it up - heart pounding

no idea what happened - i had set the l-plate into the head plate... and there was tension on the screw... - ( iwas in a hurry to get a shot)....

needless to say the head is back at acratech - getting inspected and the screw plate released with a lever lock plate - (new product for acratech)

after this mishap...  i am saving for an arca c cube....

i now use a lanyard off a point-n-shoot style camera on one lug - and first loop this over tripod before mounting - this lanyard has a cinch down on it...

i am very fortunate - only bent lens hood and scuff on the MB-D12 and no other discernible damages -

these 'accidents' happen literally in a blink of an eye

i have all of my gear in a seperate line item value based addon to my insurance policy - even includes my serengetti and maui jim sunglasses... for 'working in the field'...

hope your repair goes well for you


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