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Re: Displaying 17x22 prints

jrkliny wrote:

You could go the direction of placing your prints in clear protective sleeves.  A nice touch would also be an attractive portfolio case or box.  Personally I don't like the idea of friends and relatives handling my prints even in protective sleeves.  Large prints are especially difficult to handle.  For the casual viewer, I like smaller prints and something like a blurb book.

I recommend displaying your work.  You mentioned looking for suitable inexpensive frames.  I am not sure there is such a thing if you want to show off large numbers of prints.  Also it would take a lot of time to mat and frame a 100 or so images.  I assume you do not have the wall space for a large number of images but would want to display several and rotate them frequently.  I have a suggestion if you are satisfied with a more informal display.  You paint the display wall with metallic paint and then top coat the metallic paint with a layer of regular latex paint to match the rest of your walls.  You would then use small rare earth magnets to hold up your prints.  It would appear as if you used push pins but there is no pin and the print would not be damaged.  You could do this with or without the plastic sleeve.  You would not be able to hang matted prints in this way because the mat would weigh too much.

In the past I also used mounting putty for smaller prints such as 8 1/2 x 11.  I would not recommend this for quality prints since the putty is hard to completely remove.  There is also the risk that the putty will dry out and the print will fall to the floor.

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Jim, I do like the idea of protective sleeves, which I did order, and an attractive portfolio case. And maybe a few decent frames to hang on the walls, with photos that can be periodically swapped, as Brian also recommends.

Most of my prints are heavy, but that is quite a novel idea with metal paints and rare earth magnets.


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