Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Mikael Risedal wrote:

Same or not same lens, here is D800 with sigma 35/1,4 F-5,6  and one of my 5dmk2 with canon 35/1,4  F5.6  Below X there are a bicycle basket and the white net can be seen clearly with d800. crop

In dpreview test picture there are also lot of details , like this pattern

5dmk3 can not resolve the pattern as the other cameras

I dunno. I don't like screenshots as a way to compare. So, I downloaded the 5D3 and D800E RAWs and converted to tiffs 1.) @100% and 2.) at the file size I commonly use, 1800x1200 px (occupies roughly the same area on my NEC 2690 monitor's surface as a 13x19 print).

At 100%, while I will stop short of agreeing that the 5D3 capture fails to resolve detail, the D800E does resolve detail more clearly. Maybe this is merely a difference in distinction and fine distinction. But, this should come as no surprise even to died-in-the wool Canon fanbois when they aren't currently under the influence...

With both images downsized to 1800x1200, some of the visible detail appears to evaporate but not completely. The D800E still beats the 5D3 even with the 5D3's characteristically darker contrast that seems to fool some folks into thinking it has resolved more detail than it has. You have to lean in but detail such as the texture on walls are rendered more realistically in the D800E. Such micro-detail adds to the/my over-all perception of a photo-realistic image even though the detail may appear trivial to others when comparing a section without looking at the whole (which of course, this detail may yet get obliterated with moderate and/or indiscriminate PPing).

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