Lens dust and legal threat.

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Re: Lens dust and legal threat.

Not sure where you are at with this now a week later and I haven't read the entire thread (I apologize for that) but take some advice please...

1 - Unless the guy is in the same state as you, it is highly unlikely he will actually take legal action because in order to do so, he must do so in your state.

2 - It definitely sounds like buyer's remorse and he was looking for some kind of excuse to get out of the transaction after the fact.

3 - You may be totally in the right and in the clear on this but.....just refund the lousy money, move on, and rel-list it mentioning the dust, if there is indeed any. Is worrying over this, and maybe even talking to a lawyer about this really worth your time and effort? The whole thing can just go away if you just tell him to ship the lens back to you and then refund his money. Yeah, maybe he will have won at that point, but again...is this all worth the time and effort?

BTW, my advice to refund means only after he ships it back to you. I would NOT recommend refunding anything until you get it back first.

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