Nikon 85mm F1.8G I bought into the hype about how sharp it is. and " how its the best and sharpest"

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Re: Nikon 85mm F1.8G

tektrader wrote:

This was taken hand held but note the shutter speed was 1/500 so no shake issues. This CA is apparent regardless of using live view or the mirror. Distance about 4 metres. The FOCAL b&w focus pattern is also peppered with CA. After rejecting the SAMYANG 85 for being a bit soft and no better than the 70-200 @85mm. This lens is worse.

FOCUS point is in the correct spot. The lower right edge. Microfocus adjust is a in the Nikon menu to allow lenses or cameras that dont focus quite right to be adjusted perfectly so the TTL mirror focusses at the same point as Live View.

It came from Cameta camera.  Hope there are no return issues.

engbert wrote:

That does look awful.  I had been considering one of these lenses.

Please would you tell us how you did it.  Was the camera on a tripod? What as the focus distance?  How did you focus - AF or manual, what focus mode?  I do not understand 'micro-focusing.'

Did you look at it in Nikon view to see the actual focus point? (Must be used before cropping.)

Set AF fine tuning to zero and shoot some real pictures again. I won't trust FOCAL for the time beging! Its just not working!

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