LiveView at night with 650D?

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There is a maximum the camera will be able to gain the signal up to (and tells you so)

The gain the camera applies to the live view image depends on set f-value, ISO and exposure time settings. There is a maximum to the gain the camera (450D) can apply.

With the camera set at f5.6, at ISO 400, it will not gain up past 2 seconds. At ISO 100 it won't gain up past 8 seconds. At ISO 1600 it will not gain up past 0.5 seconds. (So ISO 800: 1 second, ISO 200: 4 seconds).

At BULB the camera will not use Exposure Simulation, but will meter and show the scene in a metered way. If the gain falls beyond the camera's capabilities, you will see a dark or black live view image.

If you have the live view display set to show settings icons at the left hand side, the camera will tell you what is going on.

If it is in the normal gain range, the Exp.Sim. icon is white. If reach the maximum Exp.Sim. gain range or go beyond (see above values as example for f5.6), the Exp.Sim. icon will flash. If Exp.Sim. is disabled (only happens in bulb mode, with the rebels), the Exp.Sim. icon is "grayed out".

It is possible that some cameras are able to gain the signal more than others.

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