Q: why doesn't Sony offer anything even remotely close?

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Re: Q: why doesn't Sony offer anything even remotely close?

blue_skies wrote:


jpr2 wrote:

esp. the aperture ring of lens barrel would be a very nice touch to have!

We want QUALITY PRIMES dear Sony, and we want them N_O_W !!!


I don't believe Sony has the technical ability to compete with Fuji Lens quality , maybe not even at double the price of the equivalent Fuji product .

Only reason I can think of for Sony giving up on High Quality FF primes .

They may have been working for improved Lens quality for FF but just no success .

I had owned a Fuji 125mm F5.6 Fujinon NWS for 4 X 5 ( View Cameras ) stolen by my drug user Half sister and her drug adict husband in the 1980-1990 time frame .

I used this lens at f5.6 in brilliant sunny afternoon daylight with ASA 120 Kodacolor

( Negative film ) . Printed it to 8.5 x 11 inch .

I owned a couple other 4 x 5 lenses , but the Fuji photos made me feel as I was standing right there looking from the Fuji lens position .

It was bright it , was supper clean and no hint of anything unnatural image wise ( live as standing there in person ) .

The NWS had another air gap separating the first and second elements in front and between the last two elements ( rear and next to rear ) had the air gap .

These lenses had Fuji EBC coating . I think EBC coating was one of the major reasons these lenses were so clean ans bright . If you ever have a chance to grab one of these do it . it covers 198mm image circle at f22 that leaves lots of image to spare around the 4 x 5 inch format .

( Used for tilt and shift View cameras controls ).

I don't think Sony can come close to Fuji lens quality . You might be better served to use Sigma A or other Sigma Hi IQ lenses , at least they have super Multi Coated Optics . And only recently use the FLD , plus older special glasses .

It is so long since the a900 was first sold , that it seems like Sony is just not interested in supporting this format with extreme quality prime lenses . ( or they cant do it at competitive prices .

I quit watching and waiting for any interesting Sony FF lenses . I will own Sigma , but probably never another Sony lens .

Even if Sony makes new primes I would not buy one after the neglect for so many years .

Sigma is where the action is . Not Sony .

Sony was not making film cameras in the '80 and '90s. Also, 4x5 experience is vastly different from all the smaller format cameras. Not sure how this translate.

The cameras and lenses I mention were easily available for view cameras in the mid to late seventies ( 1975 ) . There is little to no comparison of view camera lenses to 35mm film cameras .

This lens the Fuji NWS like other brands of this type ( Commercial Wide ) had a max. aperture of f5.6 and I could get superb sharpness over the entire frame at f5.6 . But these lenses are optimized to work best at f22 , or f16 probably only to get the even brightness into the corners of 4 x 5 film which it does extremely well even at f5.6 .

Fujifilm has a long standing tradition to cater to 'professionals', and they listen carefully to the feedback that they receive. Still, as complex as camera systems are today, they are just 'another' offering. Their newest approach towards MILC seems to resonate with high end users, but, for most of us consumers, the extra money could be spend elsewhere without seeing much difference in the final results.

Sony has been listening to input from customers, both in past and recently, but the biggest gripe has always been that Sony products have no longevity - consumer electronics age very fast. Moving into a camera (system) business requires Sony to stick to many long term promises, and so far, they have delivered in both A mount and E mount lines, but slowly and this leaves a lot of wishes unfulfilled  Yet, their out-of-the-box thinking has given us more advanced system than we would have gotten today from the other manufacturers - or we would all be shooting m43 by now.

This discussion can get a lot more complicated quickly, as new camera and lens system require most software corrections than ever before. Everything is changing as a result, and the 'pure optical' solutions may not only be practical any longer, but may even be prohibitively expensive. Yet, accepting newer solutions that defy old tradition will strike anyone as odd. I, for one, am happy to see that their camera division is succeeding. There has been a lot of public push-back against Sony from the onset when they entered DSLR/MILC territory.

The a900 was introduced in 2008, and pressure on better lenses emerged from it almost immediately - but most FF lenses weren't cheap.

  • a9000 dpreview conclusion
  • The Alpha 900 represents in a nutshell the almost schizophrenic nature of Sony's digital camera division, which can market compact cameras with smile detection and a Playstation style user interface at the same time as this, perhaps the most pared-down, frill-free and unashamedly 'serious' DSLR we've seen in a long time.

    You can't help feel that Sony's long-held worry that as a consumer electronics giant it will never be totally accepted as a serious camera manufacturer has been instrumental in shaping a flagship camera that studiously avoids the creeping 'gadgetization' of DLSRs and concentrates on old fashioned stuff like picture taking.

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Henry ,

All of your discussion above is probably correct .  I am  not attempting to deny the recent history of Sony Digital Camera developments .

I am basically saying that I am not satisfied with the FF ( a900 / a850 ) prime lens offerings and that in my opinion or experience , Sony is neglecting the a900 / a850 prime lens offerings in the 30mm to 50mm is empty in my opinion . I would like to own a very high quality 45mm f2. ,   30mm f2 , 24mm f2 , but with exceptional low distortion extreme resolution to the corners , IQ ( No reflections or flare even facing the afternoon sun , ( Multicoated Preferred ) . I'm not talking about another zoom with poor distortion , obvious reflections , misalignment , or poor focus , CA problems . instead just put the development funds into good primes ( small is preferred but not if IQ is sacrificed ) . These lenses could be used with 36 + MP Sensors , and they should be able to measure up to this task , Seriously .

We who appreciate or enjoy really un-compromised resolution with High MP a900 or better sensors are left out of the Sony lens market in these focal lengths I mentioned above .

I just took another look at some new Fuji lenses for the Fuji XF mount , and if I recall what I found , the lens I looked at was not so special as I expected in test results .

I have not kept written records so I will not be more specific .


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