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Re: I love the IS

D Cox wrote:

rjjr wrote:

In my Canon EF 100mm L IS macro.  I used the Canon EF 100mm and EFS 60mm for several years (the 60mm was my walkaround) and don't regret trading them for the 100L.  I find the IS is very useful. I rarely use a tripod so the hand-held keeper rate is much improved with the IS.

It depends whether it is you moving or the subject. Flowers are almost always in motion, and insects tend to be blown around with whatever plant they are on.

IS would certainly be good on a very still day.

Of course the most basic principles of photography still apply. One must still exercise patience and use a shutter speed appropriate for the subject.

What I really like about any IS is the stillness of the viewfinder image when shooting handheld so I can better concentrate on the subject.

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