Interesting article on DxO about 5D III and D800 resolving power

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Re: Don't get your meaning?

Mike CH wrote:

I get that, no problem. It is real obvious that there are various definitions of resolution and various ways to measure said resolution.

What I don't get is, of what practical interest are those (various) measurements at all, if they don't compare at the same FOV?

FOV is irrelevant when you have the longest lens you can manage to use, but it is not long enough.  When you are focal length limited, all that matters is qualities of a recording surface (film or sensor) per unit of sensor area, or in lines per mm to look at it in one dimension, for resolution, at various contrasts (but resolutions are usually only stated at a single contrast).  FF sensors fall flat on their face, especially Canon ones at low ISOs, when their hard crops have to compete the smallest compact sensors placed behind the lens.

So far, people have been saying, these measurements exist. Yes, thank you - I knew that

Nobody has so far (that I have seen) eyplained of what practical use they are to a photographer. They are of interest to an engineer, yes, but the practical use I have not seen explained, yet.

We are creatures of illusion.  What seems to be the case to our eyes, is often wrong, because we fail to adjust for context.  If we find measurements that we can trust, then we can have "seeing eye dogs" to walk us through our illusions as we make decisions.

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