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Re: First summary, not yet conclusion ...

JJ Winkel wrote:

My experiment was not to compare one against the other, I already had my IR carts and to use them or not use them, that was the question .... Not using them meaning getting rid of more cash.

I can only compare what I now actually know of the IR carts having carried an autopsy on one and from what has been said / shown on-line about the 80 ml refillable carts. So what have I got so far :

1) Modified IR / InkJetCarts carts, reduced length:


  • True 80 ml useful capacity (measured)
  • Very good ink valve almost identical to oem
  • Nice one way air filter preventing ink back flow into printer pressurizing system
  • Sturdy build with one thick wall only 
  • Clearly visible ink level
  • Large refill plug easy to fill and manipulate
  • No piggy back chips and resets maintenance cart too, no need of an additional resetter  


  • Work involved
  • Still protrudes but no need to remove/rework the printer cover
  • Chip reset procedure not so user friendly
  • More expensive (but I already had mine ... )

2) Modified 80 ml Inkjetmall / IJF / ..., with top fill modification:


  • Less work involved
  • Do not protrude, printer cover can be closed
  • Chips show always full and no need to remove them to reset the chip
  • Cheaper (unless one has to buy the oem chips too)


  • Multiple thin walls to drill thru, less long term reliability ?
  • Need for additional fill hole plugs, reliability after multiple reuse ?
  • Reset requires not empty oem chips to start with 
  • Requires additional maintenance chip resetter 
  • Possible carts locked due to chip protruding ( But see my post here : What really happens ...

Not drawbacks but questions:

  • As these carts are even smaller than my reduced ones, what is their actual useful capacity ?
  • How is their air pressure system ? 
  • What happens to it if filling to the top ?

If I wrote something wrong or forgot some points, please let me know.

Thanks for reading ....

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With the IJF carts for the 3800 the maintenance cart becomes always empty. Even though they include a supposedly special chip for the MC, I have found ( twice already ) that the always full chip ends up not being recognized and you simply can just leave the original MC chip in place. It automatically resets it and keeps it always empty.

Also, with the IJF carts and their controller chips, you only need the Mk and PK original chips. So in case you have to buy them from someone like CONE, the total outlay will not be as much as having to buy a complete set.

The total volume I have been able to fill up these carts is only about 60-65, maybe 70 ml tops.

The internal square wall supports take up a lot of what would be useful ink volume.

The weak point on my top fill mod is the double walled area that one would have to drill through. To really have a good seal, you really need more surface area on the hole. If the cart had any area that was at least 1/8" thick, then a better sealing hole could be produced.

During testing with a set of failed carts, I found that I would have a few hole/plug seals that would leak and some that would not. I was originally using the 5/32" drill. Since I have a complete set of numbered and letter size drills I figured that If I ever do this again, I would use a decimal size that is about 4 thou smaller in diameter that the 5/32" simply to provide a tighter plug seal of the hole.

The other problem is that since my hole is located on the flat corner of the top of the cart and it's at an angle, I cannot fill to the top. In fact I have to keep the ink level below the hole, thereby loosing another 7-10ml of ink volume. It's not really that big a deal since you still have like 60ml of ink per cart to print with.

The so called 80ml refillable carts are also not very translucent so it is not easy to visually monitor levels, without actually removing them. Which negates the very reason for the top fill mod.

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